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1 Ted Kennedy on Wed May 21, 2008 3:07 pm


it is a sad time, Wishing, Senator Kennedy ,the best, Get Well! God Bless!

2 Re: Ted Kennedy on Wed May 21, 2008 8:45 pm

rosco 357

well u know , atleast here in the deep south even when i was a kid.
kennedy was a bad word,., lol, and for decades the name kennedy was not popular at all, easiest way to kill something was to tie kennedy to it, but over the years i have changed my mind, i know ted kennedy has worked hard for health care, i may be mistaken, but i think him and macain teamed up on a bill, but not sure, macain will reach across the isle, like the legislation macain, fingold . the republicans still hold that against macain,, the kennedys have formed so much history, for one family, as a child we all still remember the cuban missile crisis, which president John kennedy handle strong and well. of course the bay of pigs is not a popular thing, but john and robert gave their life for this country, and ted, has worked hard to an old age, it does not look good for him he may not even make it to the elections, i saw he went home today, i think , he is the last of a great family, i know there are still alot of kids , grown kids, but to me he is the last famous one, i will for one miss him and thought years ago i would never have said that, take care

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