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51 Re: New Beginning for aMERICA on Tue Jun 10, 2008 7:44 am


Mays Gilliam wrote: the Borg headed our way and this forced the Romulans and the Federation of Planets to cooperate.

I always liked the Borg ships they had, very unusual but strangely advanced. Their ships were faster than the federations using "transwarp" reaching speeds that surpassed the Enterprises.

52 Re: New Beginning for aMERICA on Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:07 pm

rosco 357

runawayhorses wrote:
rosco 357 wrote:tyler Wrote...No, actually the federation made peace with them as I recall.

wow u keep up with this, lol, how about the romulins, lol,, i had to much to do quote, lol i tryed,
The quote feature is very easy if you make sure not to mess with any of the text already in the post, make sure not to tamper with it and only write underneath it all. Also remember, you can click the "preview" button to see how its all going to look before you post it, that way you can make sure you did it right. if you find you tampered with it somehow by mistake and its not working right, you can click the back button on your browser and abort the post altogether and start over again.

well i was in a hurry on the quote, i have used it alot, but i think it was the large pic i was not wanting to go forward, i did do the quote but it looked like alot of stuff, like maybe the pic of his head was in it, , on startrek actually i never watched the new version, after spock and kirk ended, i worked second shift for 20 years i could have recorded, but i did not on that, and just never got into it, im asuming the aliances u and mays talked about were in those new trek episodes, , take care,

53 Re: New Beginning for aMERICA on Tue Jun 10, 2008 8:39 pm


Well, when you get more familiar at using the quote feature you'll be able to edit out parts of the post that you don't want included in your post, like a picture.

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