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This is from a blog I read check it out its funny :)

OK, so I’m just an old grump, I know it, we all know it, I don’t like hardly anything, except maybe Christmas, but could we get real about the mania over “the big game”? I mean, it’s ridiculous, the only thing more stupid than watching the so called Super Bowl, is sitting there like a moron watching “stock cars” go round in a circle at a NASCAR race.

Here’s this organization, the NFL, that practices everything red-blooded Americans are supposedly opposed to. It’s as close to socialism as you can get, they share revenue, practice price controls, hell, they even dictate salary caps to “level the playing field” , even your team’s colors are assigned to them by the league. It’s central control, plain and simple.

The owners are, for the most part, billionaires who demand that taxpayers provide stadiums at little or no cost to them, they enjoy unique federal tax advantages, and gleefully accept local tax “incentives” Few even live in the communities that their teams bleed for every last cent they can carry off.

And the players! Most of them are illiterate goons, many with criminal backgrounds, the kind of people that would make you cross the street if you saw them coming the other way. They are carpetbaggers, with no loyalty to the “team” or the town they play in.

The fans who show up at the games are blood thirsty, drunken louts, who throw beer at each other and engage in fistfights at the drop of a hat.

And as for the “big game” itself, it is unwatchable, with frequent, agonizingly long commercial breaks, and more often than not, a blowout, with one of the teams so underperforming as to be an embarrassment. You gotta be nuts to park your fat ass in front of the tube for this spectacle, absolutely nuts!

But hey, don’t let me rain on your parade, if you want to be conned into being part of this crap, you just go right ahead…


Listen to this audio I made today..

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