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1 Well was good while it lasted, from BARAK on Sat Dec 13, 2008 11:39 pm

rosco 357

YO , this is ur president elect barak baby obama, im fixing to sigh off my face in ur face. i would stay but i seem to have my hands full, of the old al capone influenced politics. then the daley machine, now i have this govenor gone wild, not sure if rahm emanuel will survive, i hope so, so even before swearing in i have my hands full, im sure no republican will be a doin any this will run deep as ppl give up and talk but i think i willl survive. i seem to have pissed the libs off . im glad i have bush to watch my back and use some money for my union backed car companies, i cant i repeat i cant turn my back on the unions even if they are the ones that have broke my big 3 with fabulous benefit packages, , plus poor planning by execs,,, congress turned them down, but BUSH "MY MAN" has saved the day for me. so i may drop in sometimes to see how U BE DOIN. be sure and watch me shake michelle booty on the dance flow inaguration nite,Hey go buy a chevy lol, now im going to watch my little rascals vidio collection, OTA king

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