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1 Thunder and riding horseback on Sat Nov 29, 2008 3:07 am


Tyler's sounds on this site, remind me of a scary time..

A group, me included,13, 15,16, year old were riding one saturday ,(,horses) was April 1958
We were about 10 miles from town ,or home, a storm came up fast, thunder booming, and lightning,, very scary..we kicked those horses in to overdrive(get up,and Get the hell out)

we all made it,sopping wet,but safe,,
and grounded for a week LOL

2 Re: Thunder and riding horseback on Sun Nov 30, 2008 2:59 pm


I remember once when I was about 13, at our horse stables where I kept my horse at, which was a 1300 acre ranch/campground, the people could rent horses for an hr long trail ride, and one of my jobs was I was a "Trail Guide" becuase I owned one of the horses and I knew all of the trails and was an experienced rider, that was my qualification *lol* and I wanted something to do in the summers, so I was a trail guide that took people out on a hr long trail rides in the woods and pastures on horseback. Some people were experienced riders, others/most were not. It was fun teaching them how to mount a horse and basically how to ride.

Well anyway, to my point, I remember once a group was out riding way out in the woods, about 40 minutes away, and several beginners were on that ride. It started lightning and thundering really bad, all the horses in the stable were whinnying starting to get nervous, then it started to rain. I had to saddle up on my horse and go out looking for them in case something happened or they needed any help. While I was out their trying to find them, I was galloping my horse full speed next to a really long creek, then lightning stuck, and hit about 15 feet away from me, my horse (which was very smart) slowed to a stop, stood there for a second and waited for me to tell it where to go next. Other horses might of panicked and ran out of control, or try and buck the rider off, but I was proud of my horse that day for handling the situation quite well.

I finally caught up with the group, with the exception of a few wet girls laughing hysterically, everyone was fine.

3 Re: Thunder and riding horseback on Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:02 pm


the storm didn't bother most of our horses, they were quarter horses use to the rough terrain,working cattle~ and use to storms.
.One girl was riding a Tennessee walking horse, she was very skittish..but we all worked together, and in a group.. looking back now it was fun, but at the time we were scared a bit, and looked like drowned rats..

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