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1 on my mind, lol Al Qaeda on Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:00 am

rosco 357

just reading and plain logic, we are in a real war, its not like we can just come home and it all goes way, but no one is saying we are coming home in any near future as has been stated by even the new administration., the reason i say this, is Al Qaeda , and the US Military are not going anywhere, the US may shift assets here to there, and go with the flow as best they can. but if any political leader. leaves the middle east, and an attack comes to our shores, well that politicians political future is toast. and any politician would know that. so just put 2 and 2 together.. as they attack countrys other than ours, like is happening in india now 11-26-08, well the world will come together.. india had a cleaver assault stike on it by Al Qaeda .. i dont think we give our home land security and our military and FBI enough credit that we have not seen another 9-11 , Al Qaeda once said their best target for the US is econimic targets, and in our present weak economic condition an attack here would be shattering.. just my thoughts, OTA ,,

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