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1 Wow this is something on Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:07 am



Pregnant maní is pregnant again
Thomas Beatie reportedly tells Barbara Walters he is in first trimester

Pregnant man talks to People
April 3: MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell talks with People magazine's Patrick Rogers about the interview with pregnant man Thomas Beatie.

Man's pregnancy claim sparks media firestorm
March 27: Is it true? Is it possible? Thomas Beatie of Bend, Ore., says "yes" to both questions, claiming he's five months pregnant. But is his claim real, or a hoax? KTVZ reports.

LOS ANGELES - Thomas Beatie, who was born a woman but lives as a man in Oregon after surgery and hormone treatment, is expecting a second child, Beatie has told Barbara Walters in an interview set to air on television on Friday.

Beatie, 34, who is legally a man but kept female reproductive organs when he had a sex-change operation 10 years ago, is in his first trimester of pregnancy, he told celebrity interviewer Walters for the ABC news program "20/20" that will air on Nov. 14. Walters highlighted the interview on her daytime chat show, "The View," on Thursday.

With his thin beard, Beatie made headlines around the world and was dubbed the "pregnant man" before giving birth to a baby girl on June 29. He told Walters that after giving birth he did not go back on the male hormone testosterone that he took after his sex change because he wanted to have another baby.
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"I feel good," Beatie told Walters. "I had my checkups with my hormone level, as far as the hCG. And everything is right on track."

Beatie was referring to human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone which is produced in women during pregnancy

2 Re: Wow this is something on Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:11 am


That is bizarre but I did see a pic of the first baby and she is beautiful..A shame they are getting death threats over this.

3 Re: Wow this is something on Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:21 pm


Well, the way I see it is, considering this person is really a "woman" and it states "Thomas Beatie, who was born a woman" so no unusual miracle here, just a woman that had surgery and hormone treatment to 'look' like a man and had a baby.

4 Re: Wow this is something on Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:42 pm


It is A *weird WOW* ! It takes all types to keep the ordinary folks amused.

5 Re: Wow this is something on Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:46 pm


I don't find it amusing as much as I do "Scientifically Interesting". The idea that a Woman or a Man would feel a need to change their look/sex is fascinating. How the "mind' works etc.

6 Re: Wow this is something on Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:53 pm


I agree on that.
why would someone want to do that?.. what I meant by Wow! I guess he/she wanted both worlds~ lol

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