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1 Just My Opinion on Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:08 pm


In recent days the world as we have known it has come to an abrupt change.
The election of the first mixed race president is causing quite a stir around the world. Will he be respected ? Only time will tell, but one thing for certain the world seems far more racist than was evident in the US.
His great lack of experience will also be a prime factor. He can surround himself with the most brilliant minds , experts in the fields they have been chosen in, but on the job training is not a comforting thought. Lacking in the expertise he will rely on advisers and not his own knowledge, thus his decisions will not be his own.
Alot of attention seems to be placed on the women in politics. Why such waisted attention on the first lady's apparel ?
We all know they are coached into wardrobe .Trend setting ? I doubt it . As the frenzy settles the media and private vultures will find other greater causes to bore us with in coming months.

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