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1 puppy promised from Daddy on Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:33 pm


Presidential pets
Holstein cow ( DLILLC/Corbis)

When Barack Obama accepted his new role as president-elect last week, he made a lot of promises to the nation. Our favorite? The White House is getting a brand new puppy.

What sort of dog should Obama get? According to a new MSN-Zogby poll, one quarter of all respondents said this. Forty-five percent said "not sure."

As for naming the new pet? The most popular suggestion: Hope.

But whichever pooch is picked, it will join a long line of presidential dogs, cats, ponies and, yes, the odd reptile. Can you identify the owners of these notable presidential pets?

1. Scandal rocked this president's administration over accusations that he'd sent a Navy destroyer to pick up his dog, Fala, when the terrier was left behind in the Aleutian Islands. (Answer.)

2. This man received an alligator from the Marquis de Lafayette. And yes, the pet lived in a bathroom at the White House. (Answer.)

3. This president's springer spaniel was credited as the author of a best-selling book. (Answer.)

4. This man's only White House pets were two tiger cubs. (Answer.)

5. His chocolate Labrador was a fixture at the White House. Sadly, the dog was hit by a car soon after the president left office. (Answer.)

6. His most famous pet was named Pauline Wayne (and she wasn't a dog). (Answer.)

7. His pets included several beagles. He upset the press when he was photographed lifting one of the dogs by its ears. (Answer.

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