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1 holiday decor on Thu Nov 06, 2008 2:04 am


fire and ice

freezer safe containers
smooth straight sides
distilled water
tea light candles
or other decorative candles
edged tray to hold centerpiece

optional items
natural or artificial greens
fresh cranberries ribbon
string beads

place any of the above items ,like pine cones berries or whatever you desire in freezer safe container
arrange where they touch the sides

carefully add distilled water within one inch of the container.float tea lights on top of the water,
place on a flat service in freezer freeze up to several days until solid

about 15 minutes before unmolding let stand at room temp until ice releases from the sides
trim or fold paper towel so it is a bit smaller ,place the centerpiece on top of paper towel keeps it from sliding
add fresh greens at the base of the centerpiece,remove water from tray as needed..
I made a white one last year it was so beautiful`

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