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1 My Thoughts:: Presidential campaign/election on Tue Nov 04, 2008 4:08 pm


one thing we can all agree on, this was/is a monumental time for America..

I don't think I have ever seen people so fired up, not just America either,a lot of people I play from different countries have been watching..

A lot of untruths emerged, but that is part of the game, they say ..they can lie/stretch the truth all they want.. I guess.I don't agree with that sort of thing, but it will continue, I suppose.

I really am for the best person to win, and run this country.
I think the Republican's had their chance, for the last 16 years, (don't quote) the dems took office in house/senate the last two.. I think this has been coming on for awhile the bad economy,not regulating, to much spending,, lax in getting things done,Not becoming united, for the best of this country, and the world..
I think the war was a mistake, and most Americans agree
I believe we stirred up a hornets nest, in the mid east..

I place my decision(vote) on The democratic Candidate, Barack Obama, because he brings a newness, and intelligence, to the white house.*CHANGE* we need it..

I also think McCain is to old, and health is a factor, he does have cancer..
I think his decision to have Sarah Palin as is running mate hurt his Campaign..
I think McCain has been in the senate long enough, and has not produced much in the way of bettering this country, if he didn't in 20 some odd years what can we expect him to accomplish in four??

anyway, enough of my theorizing,opinons, and

May God Bless them, our Country,the world, and mostly our soldiers..

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