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1 General cooking tips on Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:17 am


tape a note pad to the inside of one of your kitchen cabinet doors and create a running grocery list by jotting down items as you think of them or run out.To speed up cooking time, always chop, measure and prepare all the ingredients for a recipe before beginning to cook.

If you’re cooking several dishes at once, , look at the recipes to see if any of them use the same ingredients . If so, chopping them at the same time saves time and cuts down on cleanup. If one recipe calls for 1/4 cup bell pepper and another for 3/4 cup, Chop 1 cup to begin with.

Start cooking the dish that takes longest first. That way, it can be cooking while you prepare the other items.

Kitchen timers are cheap. I keep several around, and set one for each dish, to avoid having to figure out the math of when each dish should come out!

To keep a mixing bowl from sliding around when you’re whisking something in it, set it on a damp kitchen towel.
Disposable vinyl or plastic gloves will keep your hands from staining and keep them from being irritated by hot peppers.

Nonstick cooking spray will keep foods from staining plastic utensils or storage containers, Just give them a quick spray before using. It will also help honey or peanut butter slide out of measuring cups.

A small, clean spray bottle works well for spraying oil over food. You’ll get fewer calories that way.

If you get a dish too sweet, stir in 1/2 teaspoon vinegar to balance out the taste.

Turn off the burner before removing a pan from the stove,

To keep a pot from boiling over, put a toothpick between the pot and lid. This trick also works with covered casserole dishes in the oven.

You can keep pasta, custards, and milk from boiling over by coating the inside of the pot lid with vegetable oil.

When using a double boiler, put a few marbles or a jar lid in the bottom pan — they’ll warn you by rattling when the water gets too low and save the pan from scorching.

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