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1 Bus Load of Liberals on Sat Oct 25, 2008 11:33 pm


A busload of liberals are on their way to the Democratic National Convention. While speeding down a rural icey highway, the bus spins out at 70 mph, and slams into a wooded area on a farmers' property.

The farmer heard the commotion from his home, and drove his ATV out to check the carnage. He shook his head, went to his barn, got his John Deer and a big flatbed trailer. He went back and loaded up the bodies.

Three days later, the search team finds the wreckage, and goes to the farmers' house. The Sherrif asks,"where are the people from the bus?" The farmer responds,"I'll take ya to where I gave em all a nice christian burial" "You mean they ALL died?" The Sherrif asks. "Well," the farmer responds, "three or four of em said they were still alive, but everyone knows ya can't believe a liberal!"

2 Re: Bus Load of Liberals on Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:12 pm

rosco 357

lmao,, that is good, it reminds me on that vid, i think moon put on but i had saw it .the bring out ur dead , during the black plauge,, where one guy on the dead cart was not dead yet, kept saying " im feeling better" lmao. then one guy hit him in the head, anyway , funny joke,

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