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Even if all of it is true who really cares? the general public certainly doesn't. Its just Howard Stern doing what hes always done, pulling practical jokes on celebrities, and people like him for that, he gets good ratings. Only a few Dolly fans might stop listening to Stern, which I'm sure is a small audience anyway, and most of them won't, and no one else cares.

I like Dolly too and her sister Stella, I was a huge fan of Stella growing up and have several of her albums still, but I'm not affected by Howard's stunt one bit. I imagine hes apologized for using the audio tape and has probably made an effort to correct the situation if in fact he did anything wrong, it sounds like something Howard might do so it wouldn't surprise me, but its not just him he doesn't actually make the tapes only decides to play them. And people LIKE the stunts he pulls its made him a millionaire. The publicity from this will only boost his ratings and Dolly's, so both sides will win, Howard will not lose any money even if he loses a lawsuit by her, he stands to make more than lose. Dolly is a fun understanding person so I don't foresee the lawsuit (if any) going forward to its ultimate conclusion.

rosco 357


rosco 357

By BILL DRAPER, Associated Press Writer
Wed Oct 8, 9:45 PM ET

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Officials in Missouri, a hard-fought jewel in the presidential race, are sifting through possibly hundreds of questionable or duplicate voter-registration forms submitted by an advocacy group that has been accused of election fraud in other states.

Charlene Davis, co-director of the election board in Jackson County, where Kansas City is, said the fraudulent registration forms came from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. She said they were bogging down work Wednesday, the final day Missourians could register to vote.

"I don't even know the entire scope of it because registrations are coming in so heavy," Davis said. "We have identified about 100 duplicates, and probably 280 addresses that don't exist, people who have driver's license numbers that won't verify or Social Security numbers that won't verify. Some have no address at all."

The nonpartisan group works to recruit low-income voters, who tend to lean Democratic. Most polls show Republican presidential candidate John McCain with an edge in bellwether Missouri, but Democrat Barack Obama continues to put up a strong fight.

Jess Ordower, Midwest director of ACORN, said his group hasn't done any registrations in Kansas City since late August. He said he was told three weeks ago by election officials that there were only about 135 questionable cards 85 of them duplicates.

"They keep telling different people different things," he said. "They gave us a list of 130, then told someone else it was 1,000."

FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patton said the agency has been in contact with elections officials about potential voter fraud and plans to investigate.

"It's a matter we take very seriously," Patton said. "It is against the law to register someone to vote who does not fall within the parameters to vote, or to put someone on there falsely."

On Tuesday, authorities in Nevada seized records from ACORN after finding fraudulent registration forms that included the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys.

In April, eight ACORN workers in St. Louis city and county pleaded guilty to federal election fraud for submitting false registration cards for the 2006 election. U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway said they submitted cards with false addresses and names, and forged signatures.

Ordower said Wednesday that ACORN registered about 53,500 people in Missouri this year. He believes his group is being targeted because some politicians don't want that many low-income people having a voice.

"It's par for the course," he said. "When you're doing more registrations than anyone else in the country, some don't want low-income people being empowered to vote. There are pretty targeted attacks on us, but we're proud to be out there doing the patriotic thing getting people registered to vote."

Republicans are among ACORN's loudest critics. At a campaign stop in Bethlehem, Pa., supporters of John McCain interrupted his remarks Wednesday by shouting, "No more ACORN."

Debbie Mesloh, spokeswoman for the Obama campaign in Missouri, said in an e-mailed statement that the campaign supported any investigation of possible fraud.

According to its national Web site, the group has registered 1.3 million people nationwide for the Nov. 4 election. It also has encountered complaints of fraud stemming from registration efforts in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Nevada and battleground states like Michigan, Ohio and North Carolina, where new voter registrations have favored Democrats nearly 4 to 1 since the beginning of this year.

Missouri offers 11 electoral votes; the presidential candidates need at least 270 to win the election.


rosco 357

CLEVELAND - A man at the center of a voter-registration scandal told The Post yesterday he was given cash and cigarettes by aggressive ACORN activists in exchange for registering an astonishing 72 times, in apparent violation of Ohio laws.

"Sometimes, they come up and bribe me with a cigarette, or they'll give me a dollar to sign up," said Freddie Johnson, 19, who filled out 72 separate voter-registration cards over an 18-month period at the behest of the left-leaning Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

"The ACORN people are everywhere, looking to sign people up. I tell them I am already registered. The girl said, 'You are?' I say, 'Yup,' and then they say, 'Can you just sign up again?' " he said.

Johnson used the same information on all of his registration cards, and officials say they usually catch and toss out duplicate registrations. But the practice sparks fear that some multiple registrants could provide different information and vote more than once by absentee ballot.

ACORN is under investigation in Ohio and at least eight other states - including Missouri, where the FBI said it's planning to look into potential voter fraud - for over-the-top efforts to get as many names as possible on the voter rolls regardless of whether a person is registered or eligible.

It's even under investigation in Bridgeport, Conn., for allegedly registering a 7-year-old girl to vote, according to the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

Meanwhile, a federal judge yesterday ordered Ohio's Secretary of State to verify the identity of newly registered voters by matching them with other government documents. The order was in response to a Republican lawsuit unrelated to the ACORN probe in Cuyahoga County, in which at least three people, including Johnson, have been subpoenaed.

Bribing citizens with gifts, property or anything of value is a fourth-degree felony in Ohio, punishable by up to 18 months in prison. And it's a fifth-degree felony - punishable by 12 months in jail - for a person to pay "compensation on a fee-per-registration" system when signing up someone to vote.

Johnson, who works at a cellphone kiosk in downtown Cleveland, said he was a sitting duck for the signature hunters, but was always happy to help them out in exchange for a smoke or a little scratch. He'd collected 10 to 20 cigarettes and anywhere from $10 to $15, he said.

The Cleveland voting probe, first reported by The Post yesterday, also focused on Lateala Goins, who said she put her name on multiple voter registrations. She guessed ACORN canvassers then put fake addresses on them. "You can tell them you're registered as many times as you want - they do not care," she said.

ACORN spokesman Kris Harsh said the group does not tolerate its workers paying people to sign the voter-registration cards.

ACORN's political wing has endorsed Barack Obama for president, but Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for the Obama campaign in Ohio, said ACORN has no role in its get-out-the-vote drive.

During the primary season, however, the Obama camp paid another group, Citizen Service Inc., $832,598 for various political services, according to Federal Elections Commission filings. That group and ACORN share the same board of directors.

In Wisconsin yesterday, John McCain blasted ACORN.

"No one should be corrupting the most precious right we have, that is the right to vote," he said.

It's a right Johnson will exercise. "Yeah, I've registered enough - I might as well vote."

rosco 357

gypsy wrote:

Audio: Howard Stern & Dolly Parton, Lawsuit Threat Over Racist Radio Bit
By Jon Shanks
May 16, 2008

Country singing sensation Dolly Parton is not happy with radio shock jock Howard Stern. Parton, the buxom blonde legendary country music singing star is furious with the racist and sexist remarks that Howard Stern doctored and spliced together from Dolly Parton audio clips that Stern would claim in a radio bit that the remarks were from a new "Dolly Parton audio book".
Dolly Parton Lawsuit Threat for Howard Stern (Image: Wenn)
Dolly Parton Lawsuit Threat for Howard Stern (Image: Wenn)

They have her "saying' all sorts of nasty things about a variety of celebrities and the doctored remarks are quite nasty. Dolly says she is tremendously hurt by the radio prank and she is not laughing. The bit goes on for several minutes and is typical of the Stern show but Dolly certainly isn't amused and is threatening to sue the shock jock.


"If there was ever going to be a lawsuit, it's going to be over this," says Parton. "I am completely devastated by this." The remarks that were doctored were aimed at Kenny Rogers, Johnny Carson, Burt Reynolds, Minnie Pearl and Linda Ronstadt.

It's over the top, but that is what Stern does. Can Dolly really sue and win or will it be ruled as satire? TV Shark has the audio here. The link is at the very bottom of the article. Be warned it contains vulgar language and should be considered as "R" rated.

howard stern thrives on contoversy, law suits etc, for many years, its how he gets his publisity...



Howard Stern Dolly Parton does she have a case?

Howard Stern - 6/5/2008 - Dolly Parton Audio Book

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