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1 America's time to heal on Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:46 pm


America, has always been known to come together in a crisis,we have been through many, we have weathered them and came through stronger than before, we can again.. many mistakes were made to cause this crucial time in our History, not just one president , republican,democrat,but many factors, we need to get away from blaming, and fix it.. I think it will take time to recover, and as much as I hate to paint a bleak picture,It may get worse, before better. it is time for us all to work, to help. to heal this Great Nation..
Energy for one, we can do better,love, empathy for another, we are our brothers keeper, I believe that with all my heart. and it was taught throughout my growing experiences.

we don't know what the future will bring, but we have to move forward to see that this disaster will not happen again..
for a young nation we have accomplished much, of course we have made many wrong choices..

I don't call them mistakes,I call them learning tools. United we will overcome, this is just another test, to bring us closer, and make us strong,

I pray who ever wins in the presidential election will be a strong leader for "WE The PEOPLE"

God Bless America, and the World!!


2 Re: America's time to heal on Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:31 pm

rosco 357

i kinda get ticked off. at how we handle many things, but one of the things that most tick me off, is like with the oil embargo, what like in the 70s, what does it take, have a tree fall on us to want to become energy independent and we have to start, BUT, we should have started 20 years ago, drill off california, lots of oil there. off the atlantic shelf, lots there, and more in the gulf, and anwar, hell i did not even know there was an anwar till they told me and its huge and only want to drill in a section the size of los angles airport, and one of the biggest oil deposits, and we now have the tecnology to extract it, is the oil shale in the rockys, its a hugh place we dont have to do it close to anywhere, i know my state, does not have a wide gulf front but we drill, and alabama get lots of money from that, that is how california should get out of its finacial mess, but cali is a mess, u ever get a instruction book on a purchase it has rules for the states and differnent rules for california? i think half those ppl are nuts, i bought a seadoo, it had resistor plugs, i went to replace them, the salesman said u dont have to get resistor plugs, that its because california requires them , so seedoo puts them in all new ones, but im off the point., we should have and need to now, get oil from everywhere we can, so one day we will not be held hostage by the middle east, i forgot how much oil is in the shale in the rockys, but its i think more that saudi arabia has.. but i would have to check i once knew and posted it, its like we love to buy oil from other ppl, i simply dont understand, its beyond me, why we are so dumb in this area.. now since oil has fallen, opec wants to meet to limit the amount to get the price back up, WAKE UP AMERICA,LMAO, , , also natural gas, and alternative, but that will be down the road also, but finally the price of gas has started ppl driving more fuel effecient cars, it baffles me,finding more oil, it would creat jobs, good jobs, and stop letting country dictate to us, im sure ssc can tell us how the oil dericks are, i dont think they are that bad, i even read they draw fish, i think, well i will shut up, ,take care

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