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1 Never To Old To Learn on Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:55 pm


I have been driving for a long time... I would think I should have noticed the little secret on my dashboard that was staring me in the face the whole time...I didn't...and I bet you didn't either...

Have you ever rented or borrowed a car and when arriving at the gas station wondered...mmm, which side is the gas filler cap?
My normal solution was to stick my head out the window, strain my neck and look, try to see in the side mirrors or even get out of the car!
Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to share with you my little secret so you will no longer look like Ace Ventura on your way to the gas station or put your neck at risk of discomfort or injury.

If you look at your gas gauge, you will see a small icon of a gas pump?
The handle of the gas pump will extend out on either the left or right side of the gas pump?
If your tank is on the left, the handle will be on the left? If your tank is on the right, the handle will be on the right . It is that simple!

2 Re: Never To Old To Learn on Fri Sep 26, 2008 9:31 pm


That's a pretty good tip, I remember that happened to me once after I bought a semi-used Ford F-150 4x4, I had just left the lot where I bought it at and much to my surprise my gas gauge was reading almost empty, so I immediately started looking for a gas station, and it occurred to me as I was heading down the road that I wasn't sure where the gas went in it, so being the macho kinda guy that I am *snicker* I didn't want to be seen getting out of this huge four wheel drive looking for the gas tank..lmao,,, So I took a chance and guessed is was on the left side like some other trucks are and pulled up to the gas pump accordingly, well lucky for me I was correct it was on the left, but it wasn't where it usually is on most Ford trucks, becuase this was a step-side truck and those are different, and this one was behind the flared rear wheel fender but I couldn't see it right it right away so I decided to go inside and act like I was getting a coke or something and while I was in their I peaked out the window to see if I could find the damn, well I finally seen it and paid for my gas filled it up and left, but if I'd have known your tip I wouldn't of had to go thru all of that I would have known for sure it was on the left... but without knowing it could have just as well been on the

3 Re: Never To Old To Learn on Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:14 pm


I wonder how the pump looked on your gas gauge when the gas cap was under the rear liicense plate?

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4 Re: Never To Old To Learn on Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:39 pm


Good question Moose, I don't know. I had a few cars like that before where the nozzle to the tank was behind the plate, and I had some trouble with the spring brackets that you pull the plate down with getting old and rusted and consequently the tag kept falling off. Had to get some rope and tie the plate onto the frame.

5 Re: Never To Old To Learn on Sun Sep 28, 2008 3:22 am

rosco 357

shoot im going to look , i never knew that, i know my truck is on the drivers side, but the versa, is on the passengers side, and im not use to that, but thanks,

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