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1 Lennon's amazing tape of lust for mum on Sat Sep 13, 2008 2:04 am

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Published: 12 Sep 2008

JOHN LENNON fantasised about having sex with his mother Julia, according to a leaked audio diary which it is claimed he recorded a year before his death.

His widow YOKO ONO and BEATLES bandmate PAUL McCARTNEY are furious about forthcoming book John Lennon: The Life by Philip Norman, which makes the lurid accusation.

However on the tape - which you can listen to by clicking here- a voice alleged to be John’s can be heard noting: “I was just remembering the time I had my hand on my mother’s t*t in 1 Blomfield Road.

“It was when I was about 14.

“I took a day off school, I was always doing that and hanging out in her house.

“We were lying on the bed and I was thinking ‘I wonder if I should do anything else?’”

The audio – recorded on September 5 1979 – continues: “It was a strange moment, because I actually had the hots for some rather lower class female who lived on the other side of the road.

Mum ... Julia Lennon

“I always think that I should have done it. Presuming she would have allowed it.”

The tape was passed to The Sun by a friend of Philip Norman hoping to counter the outrage of Beatles fans at the book, which also alleges John wanted a gay relationship with Macca.

The source said: “This is not what people want to hear – but it’s the truth.

“John was a complex man, even when he was a kid.

“This audio recording is 100 per cent genuine. It was never meant for public consumption, but has now leaked out.”

He added: “Philip is the world’s authority on The Beatles and one of the greatest rock writers of all time.

“He has been working on this book for three years and had access to Yoko, SEAN LENNON, roadie NEIL ASPINALL and many others.

“The idea is to give people the whole picture, even if it upsets them.”

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