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1 Louisiana passes gun law on Fri Aug 15, 2008 10:10 pm


Louisiana voted in to law to allow employees to carry weapons to work, but they must be in a locked carrier in a locked auto.

2 Re: Louisiana passes gun law on Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:01 pm

rosco 357

SSC wrote:Louisiana voted in to law to allow employees to carry weapons to work, but they must be in a locked carrier in a locked auto.
i think everyone even my boss has a pistol in their car, we just dont talk about it, its probably a rule, i know this will sound funnny but i went to walmart,for a holster, and they do not sell them the lady said some buy the nylon paint ball pistol holster, it has lots of velcro straps, and one with a life jacket snap that went behind the hammer, on a revolver, so i got it. it was only 5 bucks worth a try, and it velcroed on to my seat adjuster in front of the seat, and all i have to do is pinch the life jacket type snap, and there it is ready to pull,man i wish i had the time and space to tell u about my youngest son in laws best friend,well i will bear with me,,,, I will call him J had loaded a car on a hauler, for his work and 4 blacks in a car came up and wanted money he told them he had none,, , he got in the truck and drove off, he stoped they had followed him, and again wanted money,he said ppl dont pay him, he drove back off, car still not secure, he drove for 2 miles , finally decided they were gone, did not see them, the 2 in the back never got out, he was down racheting the car down and saw one coming at him from each end of his truck,, one had a knife, when he had stoped he remembered he strattled a 2by4, in the road, so he is like 6 ft 4 but not heavy, J grabed the arm of the knife, and got cut some,and pulled the guy, and the guy lost his balance, so J decided to keep pulling toward his truck, he got to the truck holding the hand of the knife, and reached in his tool box and got out a tire tool or lug wrench, hit the guy in the side of the neck , not sure but at some point the other guy hit J in the back with the 2 by 4, J hit the knife guy above his eye,in the forhead,with the tool, the guy went down on his knees holding his head blood pretty bad, the other guy got the knife, and was behind J with his left arm around j over js left arm the knife was in the right hand of the bad guy trying to stab him but over 2 arms, so he was just sticking J,, j did not know how bad the first knife guy was and j was pissed bad at him for trying to knife him, j with the other guy on him went up and came down as hard as he could with the lug wrench on the guys back of his neck, and the guy melted, and never moved again, then J broke the hold of the other guy but got cut bad on the arm, with blood squirting with his heart beats,, but when he turned around with that lug wrench raised, that guy ran and j ran after him and hit him in the back, then J got in his truck, they got the guy off the road and throw him in the car, j was going to hit the car and push it as far as he could. but he said it does not work like a movie, he missed the whole car, ,, so he drove to a store, and they called an ambulance and police, the police put out a call to all hospitals, 11 hours later, they put the guy off the road in a emergency rm wheel chair pushed him in and yelled, " he was in a bad wreck" well he was dead, when J hit him in the back of the neck it severed his spinal cord, that dead guy had a warrant for him he had skiped a court date for hitting a policeman, later the other guy went to a different hospital, and the police got him and he rolled over on the 2 in the back seat, the back seat ones were from here, the ones in the fight were from georgia, the police asked, j do u not feel bad taking a life, J said hell no, DO u think i want it me to be dead, ,, j is in the clear, adn the dead guy family when contacted did not seem to be that interested, sorry for a long post,,,J had one bad arm cut and 2 broke ribs from the 2by 4 hit in the back..

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