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rosco 357

Posted 30/11/2007 00:30:48 AM

Got this off the old tech tv show , "screensavers" with leo leport.steve gibson the man that has this sight. was a frequent guest. and was devoted to computer safety. scroll till u find the topic,
"SHEILDS UP" click sheild up and let it check ur ports, all mine were stealth, which is the will explain. just fun maybe some other things i have not tryed, the sight has grown, broadband is a bit more vunerable to open ports. some ppl have port scanners that constantly hunt open ports, but i think mostly like colleges, so they can set up lots of pcs to attack like a web sight. and overload it. there is a word for it but i forgot, lol , anyway its fun,, it does no was always recomended on this show.i think denial of service is the words i was thinking of, which is just over loading a web sight, take care

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