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rosco 357

im not saying this is a thanksgiving meal, but if u want something close and easy, if the taste hits u, this is what i do,this is not for thanksgiving but times of the year u want just that taste and feeling, its not bad,

One or two walmart rotersserie chickens (the kind is ur choice and u know those are like 4 bucks, cheap,and taste great.,
2 , a box of stuff and such chicken flavor, this is a substitute for dressing,fixed to dirrections,u can even do the walmart brand if u choose.
3 a can or two of candied yams with butter and a tad of more brown sugar if u have it.cooked in a boiler,
4 a can of cranberry sauce, sliced,
5 , a bag of cut up cole slaw and ur choice of dressing on it, i just do mayo.. maybe a touch of ranch with that,
6 brown and serve rolls,
7 a can of baby carrots or can of sliced, , with butter and brown sugar again if u have that.
8 if u want a can of green beans,
the next is ur imagination, what ever canned vegie u want, i know its not a real thanksgiving meal. but if ur short on time and want something thats close and u know those rotesserie chickens are good,well its simple and cheap, and fast to make,

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