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51 Re: share things about ur generation!!! on Thu Jun 19, 2008 7:34 pm

rosco 357

yes that is what we call them alway, lightning bugs, i guess now this may seem cruel,, but it did not then, catch june bugs and tie a long piece of thread to their back leg, and let them fly around like a dog on a leash,

52 Re: share things about ur generation!!! on Thu Jun 19, 2008 7:44 pm

rosco 357

i know this is weird but dont laugh, lol, one neighbor as i had a coupe my age, one was real smart , in his back yard, we would make small mud bricks, like the size of a small spool of thread but rectange, and build a pyramid, and would put a bug in the middle like in a match box or something and build the pyramid on it, like the egyptians, lol, in a few days we would get it out and let the bug go,

53 Re: share things about ur generation!!! on Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:01 pm


Drive inns of course was a biggie,we would bring quilts to sit on

dishonestly cram friends in our car on buck night~~I think the owner knew

entertainment was fine,like ray smith, Stanley who played later with George Jones, our little place was a hub bub,evenEelvis!!

it was a time for learning,but now we need to learn.. we all have pay backs`

54 Re: share things about ur generation!!! on Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:49 am

rosco 357

meemoon wrote:Roscoe, your initial comment "only in America" gains more cogency with every comment I read here. No brag, just shared memories. My old man believed we should work for our "allowance" too. But he was fair and paid us well (for a kid). My first "job" was cleaning bricks for a penny a piece, He would take us to work with him during the summer and we would clean up, pick up, and f-up, but we got paid. I was probably the only little kid who could flag down a huge crane and hitch a ride across a jobsite. When I was 10 and my bro was 11, he set us up a concession stand on the site and we did the whole thing. We bought the Cokes (98 cents a case), nabs, and ice. We kept the books and worked it 8 hours a day, every day. We LOVED that. Almost all his employees were black and they were our best friends. Since we worked too, we could cuss, gamble, and sneak a swaller of shine every now and then. I lied about my age and got my first "real" job when I was 15. My mom drove me to and from work. We were told ALL work was good and honorable, and it is. Later in life, I paid our kids to do chores. Cheap labor but they always had more money than their friends. It was funny. Their friends thought we were rich when we were FAR from that. Roscoe, those new home owners may be living by the skin of their teeth and a few credit cards. The new 40 year mortgages and 6 year car loans help too. I live in a 68 X 14 trailer, but I bought it new and with cash. I own this land too. I went to college and have an eng. degree, but I guarandamntee you, I can change the oil on any car or truck because I've done it. I can take a flat tire, lay it on the ground underneathe the car, break the bead loose with a bumper jack, stuff a tube in, and blow it up with a bicycle pump. I have about 20 repairs to make on this old Dodge truck I just bought, but I will do every one of them, and enjoy doing them while I cuss the thing. I admire people who can grow things, build things, and fix things. That was what I was taught.

darn marc, u scared me with the word cogency lol , u know im a machinist adn tool and die, one place i worked for 20 years was tool and die but machined new parts the millwrights brought to us broke, but working next to electricians and we had to help and do millwright work some, for all those years, i learned alot, enought to wire the addition i had added to my house, and i wired everything at the lake from teh weather head at the top of the pole to the box inside, my dad bought a double wide for up there, so i have it, my sister is on the lot next to mine and has a 14 by something, my mom bought it for her,but my mom died in 2000.,,the ppl that put it there paid an electrician, mine looks much neater, lol, marc u have lived a colorful life, and i did not know about ur education but always knew u wrote well, in ur post, so i figured something was up, always knew u were a wrench monkey too. i am to, but with sideways engine cars it get harder, lol, well it my bedtime, see ya tomorrow, take care,

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