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The New Classics: TV
The 100 best shows from 1983 to 2008
1. The Simpsons, Fox, 1989-present
2 The Sopranos, HBO (1999-2007)
3 Seinfeld, NBC (1989-98)
4 The X-Files, Fox (1993-2002)
5 Sex and the City, HBO (1998-2004)
6 Survivor, CBS (2000-present)
7 The Cosby Show, NBC (1984-92)
8 Lost, ABC (2004-present)
9 Friends, NBC (1994-2004)
10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The WB (1997-2001); UPN (2001-03)
11 The Wire, HBO (2002-08)
12 South Park, Comedy Central (1997-present)
13 Freaks and Geeks, NBC (1999-2000)
14 The Daily Show, Comedy Central (1996-present)
15 The Oprah Winfrey Show, Syndicated (1986-present)
16 Arrested Development, Fox (2003-06)
17 The Office (U.K. version), BBC2 (2001-03)
18 American Idol, Fox (2002-present)
19 ER, NBC (1994-present)
20 Beverly Hills, 90210, Fox (1990-2000)
21 Roseanne, ABC (1988-97)
22 The Real World, MTV (1992-present)
23 The West Wing, NBC (1999-2006)
24 Star Trek: The Next Generation, Syndication (1987-94)
25 Miami Vice, NBC (1984-89)
26 Chappelle's Show, Comedy Central (2003-06)
27 Law & Order, NBC (1990-present)
28 The Larry Sanders Show, HBO (1992-98)
29 The Shield, FX (2002-present)
30 Late Show With David Letterman, CBS (1993-present)
31 The Civil War, PBS (1990)
32 Gilmore Girls, The WB (2000-06), The CW (2006-07)
33 My So-Called Life, ABC (1994-95)
34 24, Fox (2001-present)
35 CSI, CBS (2000-present)
36 thirtysomething, ABC (1987-91)
38 Beavis and Butt-head, MTV (1993-97)
39 Six Feet Under, HBO (2001-05)
40 Mr. Show, (HBO, 1995-98)
41 Frasier, NBC (1993-2004)
42 L.A. Law, NBC (1986-94)
43 Late Night With Conan O'Brien, NBC (1993-present)
44 Jeopardy!, Syndicated (1984-present)
45 Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO (2000-present)
46 Homicide: Life on the Street, NBC (1993-99)
47 30 Rock, NBC (2006-present)
48 Ally McBeal, Fox (1997-2002)
49 Twin Peaks, ABC (1990-91)
50 Baywatch, NBC (1989-90), Syndicated (1991-2001)
51. Melrose Place, Fox (1992-99)
52. Felicity, The WB (1998-2002)
53. Will & Grace, NBC (1998-2006)
54. Moonlighting, ABC (1985-89)
55. Pee-wee's Playhouse, CBS (1986-90)
56. Desperate Housewives, ABC (2004-present)
57. The Amazing Race, CBS (2001-present)
58. The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, NBC (1992-present)
59. Battlestar Galactica, Sci Fi (2003-2008)
60. Xena: Warrior Princess, Syndicated (1995-2001)
61. The Office (U.S.), NBC (2005-present)
62. House, Fox (2004-present)
63. Mystery Science Theater 3000, Comedy Central (1989-96), Sci Fi (1997-99)
64. The Osbournes, MTV (2002-05)
65. Family Guy, Fox (1999-2002, 2005-present)
66. Grey’s Anatomy, ABC (2005-present)
67. Planet Earth, Discovery Channel (2007)
68. Jackass, MTV (2000-02)
69. The Colbert Report, Comedy Central (2005-present)
70. Everybody Loves Raymond, CBS (1996-2005)
71. Friday Night Lights, NBC (2006-present)
72. NewsRadio, NBC (1995-99)
73. Oz, HBO (1997-2003)
74. Wiseguy, CBS (1987-90)
75. Project Runway, Bravo (2004-present)
76. In Living Color, Fox (1990-94)
77. The Golden Girls, NBC (1985-92)
78. I'll Fly Away, NBC (1991-93)
79. The Comeback, HBO (2005)
80. King of the Hill, Fox (1997-present)
81. Murphy Brown, CBS (1988-98)
82. The Hills, MTV (2006-present)
83. Absolutely Fabulous, BBC2 (1992), BBC1 (1994-2004)
84. Northern Exposure, CBS (1990-95)
85. The Kids in the Hall, HBO (1989-92), CBS (1992-95)
86. Prime Suspect, ITV (1991-2006)
87. Deadwood, HBO (2004-06)
88. Malcolm in the Middle, Fox (2000-06)
89. SpongeBob SquarePants, Nickelodeon (1999-present)
90. Dawson's Creek, The WB (1998-2003)
91. Mad Men, AMC (2007-present)
92. The Ben Stiller Show, Fox (1992-93)
93. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Bravo (2003-07)
94. Married...With Children, Fox (1987-97)
95. Designing Women, CBS (1986-93)
96. The Arsenio Hall Show, Syndicated (1989-94)
97. Party of Five, Fox (1994-2000)
98. MacGyver, ABC (1985-92)
99. The Bachelor, ABC (2002-present)
100. Saved by the Bell, NBC (1989-93)


Here's my favorites from the list, and not necessarily in this order. But if I had to pick just one show from that list as my favorite, I think it would be "Star Trek The Next Generation" and running at a very close second would be 'Seinfeld".

3. Seinfeld, NBC (1989-98)
18 American Idol, Fox (2002-present)
24. Star Trek: The Next Generation, Syndication (1987-94)
30. Late Show With David Letterman, CBS (1993-present)
38 Beavis and Butt-head, MTV (1993-97)
44. Jeopardy!, Syndicated (1984-present)
58. The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, NBC (1992-present)
60. Xena: Warrior Princess, Syndicated (1995-2001)
64. The Osbournes, MTV (2002-05)


Very interesting list Tyler, The Sopranos is my all time favorite , then The Golden Girls. Kind of a day and night difference..

rosco 357

i will not choose alot, i will just go by which couple i recorded on the vcr, the most, x -files , but i could have had a thing for scully, and west wing, i never watched the supranos, i worked 2nd shift for 20 years so i missed alot,

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I liked
designing women
Golden girls
cosby show

rosco 357

dont think i saw it on the list, but right now, my favorites are HOUSE< the dr show, and SMALLEVILLE,they pulled west wing reruns that i missed when working, and i have seen most x files 4 times, lol, i noticed in walmart the whole season vidios each year,, smalleville i think but not positive commanded the highest price,


Hey rosco, just curious, do you own any stocks at walmart? lol!

rosco 357

runawayhorses wrote:Hey rosco, just curious, do you own any stocks at walmart? lol!

no lol, but i think its a family not public held, business lol, . but where i worked for 20 years, walmart was one of our best customers, like i said mostly ,we made preengineered buildings, big ones one covered 40 acres.. but anyways we mostly made the walmart distributor places, that they shiped to stores from, so i made some good money off them, i guess they got it back, lol, its close to the house and really the only game in town to speak of, at work im close to a hugh outside mall that has drawn other stores close. so i do spend some there, but i went into circuit city and bought a wiring harness for a new radio in my truck , and wished i was back at walmart, circuit city, i have spent lots of money at years ago, but now it kinda a gimic, i heard a salesman say once that worked there, they give away appliances to sell extended warrntees, and now they push for i forget the name but ppl to come set ur like tv up, they tryed to convince me to let them come out and connect things to the tv my daughter gave me, and wanted 250 bucks, its a racket, main thing is i can close my eyes and shop at my walmart now, lol

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