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1 Lates news on Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:00 am



* Medical Exams of 11 Former Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib Detainees Show Torture, Human Rights Group Says
* Attorney General Mukasey Defends 'Torture Memo' Authors
* Spy Court Approves Record Number of Surveillance Requests
* Protests Planned in Washington, D.C., Around the Country to Voice War Dissent
* Military Captures High Value Detainee Muhammad Rahim, Alleged UBL Assistant
* Democrats' New Terror Surveillance Bill Does Not Shield Telecoms From Lawsuits
* No Spring Taliban Offensive Expected, U.S. Mideast Commander Tells Congress
* Bush Uses Governors Appearance to Lobby for Terror Surveillance Law Renewal
* Justice Department Opens Internal Investigation Into Approval of CIA Waterboarding
* CIA Acknowledges British Stop-Overs for Rendition Flights
* McCain Says Bush Should Veto Bill Barring CIA's Use of Waterboarding
* Director of National Intelligence Says Al Qaeda Might Be Undermining Itself
* White House Defends CIA Use of Waterboarding on 3 Terror Suspects
* White House Defends CIA Use of Waterboarding on 3 Terror Suspects
* Intel Sources: Al Qaeda Recruiting Westerners, Possibly U.S. Citizens


2 Re: Lates news on Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:18 pm

rosco 357

i wonder if that waterboarding is like falling when skiing, , or not getting up and being dragged before letting go of the handle, oh gyp, on that last one where the terrorist are recruiting westerners, please dont join, please, i know u dont like alot of things america does but dont join that, ok,,

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