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1 68 million on Sat Aug 02, 2008 3:49 pm


acres of land held by federal reserve, why don't they drill on that?,2933,381263,00.html

2 Re: 68 million on Sun Aug 03, 2008 12:40 am

rosco 357

that is federal land oil companies hold leases on, not sure its called federal reserves, but i could be wrong, the article called it federal land , it was dated july 12, well this has been on tv all month, i think the wanting to drill off the atlantic shelf, and anwar, and oil shale, in the rockies oil companies know there is more oil there, but nothing will happen congress went on break, i am pretty sure i heard this on tv today, the president has low numbers , the only ones that have lower numbers is congress, but what ever congress has left town,, any of this oil would probably be for ur children anyways as it would be 10 years to bring any of it to the market, if they start now,it is the opinion to start now it would be better to drill where they know the major oil reserves are, but whatever, we probaby will never see any of it, tyler might, lol, he is so young, lol,,and off shore drilling has proven safe, even causing better fishing, not a drop was spilled during karina.. they talk about this about every other day, its the demos main line, but they are on vacation . so the news on this will dry up ,

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