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rosco 357

1, well maybe i should go back farther more near the founding fatheres, but i will say the republican ABRAHAM LINCOLN, his debates with douglas i believe, im not looking up stuff so i may be wrong. but what strength this man had with so many defeats by Gen Lee, problems with his wifes health, it was such a blow when he was killed, not sure its true, but i once heard someone say, if he had not been shot, and remained president. it would have been easier on the south, with less carpetbaggers, and the south would have rebuilt sooner.

2.FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT, his handycap. and still such a strong man, his wife , who said " she is her hubands legs,"when visiting i forget, maybe a work place or coal mine, and he held his own with stalin and the other leaders,,held our country together and led it to greatness,,



Jimmy Carter & Bill Clinton

rosco 357

clinton surely was one of our smartest presidents, wish he had controled his self, mainly because his last years, he may could have done alot more but was bogged down in the lewinsky thing,


Kennedy and Carter


Clinton and Kennedy

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