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1 just a thought,no real facts~ on Sat May 03, 2008 1:07 am


Why do President Bush (The Old and the much older one) Hates IRAQ so much?
Conflicts can be resolved in a manner other than war. Besides up until now they haven't proven anything yet. Since they talked too much why not used it to persuade! I hate the $@#&%! WAR!
1 year ago
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The Bush dynasty is tightly entwined with the oil-rich Saudi Arabian government. When Hussein invade Kuwait, Bush saw it as a threat to the Saudis, so he started a little skirmish known, affectionately, as "Desert Storm". Unable to "finish the job", many people saw Bush, Sr. as a failure, and characterized the whole mess as Hussein having humiliated our 41st U.S. President.
So the Bush family went into action and got Bush, Jr. elected (at any cost, financially, legally or morally). Bush, Jr. obviously had a personal vendetta to settle with Saddam Hussein. Set. 11, 2001 gave him the opportunity. The 'secret leaders' in this country who control everything (of which Cheney is a member) persuaded a dim-witted President to unconstitutionally and illegally invade Iraq on the pretense of there being weapons of mass destruction stockpiled all over the country.
The only other reason Cheney ordered the invasion of Iraq was for OIL - it had nothing to do with bringing democracy to Iraq. If that's the Bush mission, why haven't other dictatorial regimes and evil despots been invaded and attacked? Because they have no OIL.
PREDICTION: There will NO TROOP WITHDRAWAL from Iraq until Cheney has a rock-solid, iron clad arrangement to get all of Iraq's oil (with the cooperation of the new 'democratic' Iraqi government he helped install).
PREDICTION: We will use diplomacy to settle our differences with North Korea. Why? Because North Korea has no OIL!
PREDICTION: As soon as Bush and his bosses can figure out a plausible reason for illegally invading Iran, it will happen. Why? Because Iran is rich with OIL!
Cheney wants to make all his Exxon-Mobil buddies richer and richer and richer, all at the expense of the American taxpayers (who have already spent 1.27 TRILLION DOLLARS on this senseless "war" [that's a million dollars a day for 3,487 years] and at the "collateral" cost of tens of thousands of dead Iraqis and almost 3,000 U.S. soldiers.
You're right: "conflicts can be resolved in a manner other than war." The problem is: the Bushites believe conflicts can only be resolved with guns and ammunition (because that keeps their buddies in the military/industrial complex fat and sassy while they, too, suck off the taxpayers' teat). -RKO-
1 year ago
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2 Re: just a thought,no real facts~ on Sat May 03, 2008 2:18 pm

rosco 357

well this is very complicated, and lots of opinions, Bush senior was certainly able to " finish the war" and was critised for not going on into bagdad. but i remember he wanted to stop as he needed sadam to help control iran..but the first war, he certainly could not allow sadam to keep kuwait,it threatened saudi arabia to much, sadam wanted the whole region,the second war is less easy to understand, but whatever, we will just see.. i had more sympathy for soldiers that were drafted and no choice like in vietnam, these soldiers now know what they are getting into when they join freely, ofcourse i hate to see any hurt or die. but they know when they sign up what they are signing up for, . its complicated.but as for negotiating things, sadam would not even leave kuwait under any other way, we went and talked to him, and he still refused, james baker went . plus desert storm had most of the world behind it, and helping if not with troops with money, as japan i think chunked in 10 billion., just ask a kuwait citizen of their views, as for north korea, that apples and oranges, obama has made the statement he will invade pakistan, i imagine the north and get osama, bin laden, but i figure thats smoke and pakistans is a nuclear power,, i remember jimmy carter, i remember because i did not understand his statement, when he was in office, he stated the next great war will be in the persian gulf, when i heard that, i thought , what the heck is he talking about, but he was correct. i also remember him saying dont spend money on some weapon system, and i forget which kind but invest that money in cruise missles, i think we went into iraq the second time, on bad intel on wmd which someone droped the ball, i still dont understand why sadam would not let the inspectors fulfill their job, sadam made many stupid decisions. iran would love us to pull out now they want to control iraq.. just wait, and see if we do , what happens, really no need to debate, what will happen will come to pass. then we will know..the last part u paste. looks old,. 3000 deaths its over 4 thousand, plus it talks as if the administration has all the time in the world, nothing like is stated will happen, the administration will not be in power long enought. we dont benefit from iraq oil , actually some iraq ppl have been corupted into stealing their own oil. it was to be used to fund the war on iraq terrosist or terrorist that have came into iraq,,, but that has not worked,, oh well .. the next administration will deal with it, will be interesting to see who and how they do it, .. i almost cant wait,

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