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1 inexperienced couple on Mon Jul 28, 2008 9:14 pm


The inexperienced couple
Yitzhak and Leah decide to marry. However, they are both so inexperienced that neither knows what they have to do on their wedding night. So they go to Rabbi Bloom for advice.
After hearing their story, Rabbi Bloom takes them upstairs to his bedroom and says to Leah, "I want you to get undressed and get on my bed. Iíll get undressed too and then Iíll be able to show you both exactly what you will have to do on your wedding night."
So Leah gets undressed as she was told and gets up on the bed. Rabbi Bloom then begins to demonstrate on Leah the steps and actions involved in making love. From start to finish!
As soon as Rabbi Bloom finishes, he starts getting dressed, saying to Yitzhak, "Well, thatís what you have to do, Yitzhak. You can see that it has worked by the lovely glowing look on Leahís face. So now I suggest you take her home and practice what Iíve shown you."
But then Leah interrupts and says, "Hold on Rabbi, could you please show Yitzhak again what to do. Heís a little forgetful."

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