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1 McAfee Internet Security Suite on Thu May 01, 2008 10:02 am


A few weeks ago I switched from "Spy sweeper" to "McAfee Internet Security Suite". Spy sweeper is a good program and is better than most, but I've found that McAfee is even better. It seems to be less intrusive and doesn't annoy you with pop-up questions asking if you want to block or accept something, in addition, it seems to keep all the spyware and viruses off my computer. I've run several scans with the different programs I have and they never find anything. When I had Spy Sweeper it did a great job, but there were occasions when one of my scanners would find something, but with McAfee nothing seems to be able to get on my pc. McAfee is a big program from other security programs, but it stands to reason considering what a great job it does. I would recommend that you have at least 1 GB of RAM though as my old computer has a single core processor and it doesn't even have 1GB or RAM (it has less) and McAfee affected its performance in a negative way. But my new computer has way more RAM than that with 2 GB of RAM with a Duo core processor and it runs just as fast with McAfee and doesn't slow it down at all.

McAfee Internet Security Suite

2 Re: McAfee Internet Security Suite on Thu May 01, 2008 7:33 pm

rosco 357

hey,, when i got this pc like 2 and a half years ago, dell was offering to extend macafee to 3 years for only 40 bucks, the teck said that was a deal, so i did it, it has even not only updated everyday, it once upgraded to a new version,, now my delema, the aol tech said when i finish with macafees, just let aol be the security work for u, what im wondering is will aol do anything if im just on cable isp like i am now, or do i have to be on aol i would imagine i would have to be, but charter also has antivirus and other stuff that i have not checked out, when i got this pc, it came with 512 megs of ram, the sales tech i called after configuring it online, said 512 would be all i need, but i have one processor, a 3.2 ghz intel, ofcourse i have xp, which uses much less than vista, im told, well im just rambling,

3 Re: McAfee Internet Security Suite on Thu May 01, 2008 10:08 pm


Yes I have XP too and I ordered it that way. I told them I didn't want vista and to be absolutely sure they sent me the computer with XP...LOL. I use Brighthouse's RoadRunner cable modem with this new PC.

I'm not sure how AOL does things. I do know that AOL used to have a deal with McAfee but I'm not sure if they still do now. I have the AOL software for my old PC becuase I have a dialup connection for it, but I use AVG as my security for that PC. All I use the old PC for anymore is to check my sites load time for the dialup users. And I also see how things look on the 15" monitor I have with that PC. But I use my new PC exclusively now and it has a 19" Widescreen Monitor with the cable modem and duo core processor.

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