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1 just some of my thoughts, is all on Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:08 pm

rosco 357

as i sat here posting jokes etc, and some new articles, i had the tv on the new station fox , as it had a couple hours of economic guest on economic new show, , " bull and bears" and other shows, i say this because, i listened, and each had views, the monitor asked questions, some thought this was going to be the beginning of a new bull run market, some did not, , but all told stocks that woud be good to invest in now. the question was posed what is better now to invest in property or the market, each had different opinions, I SAY this to show, if the ppl that are so called experts cant agree on the economy , how can all of us agree, i think one thing, we should agree on is a one or two day event does not mean thing going to hell or heaven, in coming months,
they talked on oil. some think gas here in a year will be down in the 2 buck plus range as china is not buying as much now, some thought different but did not name numbers. i only say this as i stated before, we all have opinions as these ppl do, and no one really know what will happen, things could go great, or not. all i know is this county has face many problems in the last centurys, and we always survived,and progressed..ok the sky is not falling, up and down yes, but we will be ok, and this is an opinion and should be taken as such as i have stated .. i do think one thing, we have so many news talking heads on tv now they whip up emotions and may cause events, to be over done. or at the least opinions to be over done, which this is one, take care, ok now i have to go to walmart and feed the chinese, lol

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