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1 College and Empty Nest on Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:16 pm


My youngest gbaby started Southern Miss last Fri. she and her Mom have always lived with me, so it became a dual parenting with Mom and my husband and I. When he passed it was even more on me since her Mom works for a moving company and is often out of down for several days at a time. Now that she has moved to campus I am a lost person, decided to sell the house and down size, maybe even in Miss. Still have the cabin in Branson but it is not being used much by us so I have started renting it out, so far so good. My days are long, no more constant cleaning , I never realized how much clutter one kid could make, but seeing her walk in the door today for the weekend was wonderful. Sun. will be hard when she leaves again, but talking to her I hear in her voice the sound of maturity and that is good, she is learning to depend upon herself and be her own problem solver. She is facing 14 years of school to be a Cardiologist but I have no doubt she will not achieve her goal. Ok proud Grandma moment over.

2 Re: College and Empty Nest on Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:03 am


When my Grand Boys ,graduated from High School
,went to college ,
I experienced my first empty nest.. one is going into nursing and continuing to becoming a Doctor, the oldest into medical research,the youngest of the brothers is still deciding.. My sons, son is going into military..which gives my heart dread.Proud of my grandson's

3 Re: College and Empty Nest on Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:32 pm


My gbaby wants to be a cardiologist but she hasn't ruled out sports medicine, so she is a biology science major, she will get the classes she needs for either field

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